Providing specialist accounting and tax services along your financial journey


At Highgrove & Gunn Limited we have the financial capabilities to allow you to focus more on what truly matters to you and your business.

We pride ourselves on our accounting services that we offer individuals and companies operating in the UK.  We are also able to cater for those that engage in international business and we have strong global connections to assist with other financial matters.

With several years of tax experience, we can help individuals and companies maintain compliance with HMRC while also helping those benefit from the tax incentives offered in the UK. From tax relief for investors using venture capital schemes to companies claiming research and development tax credits, we are proud to help our clientele take advantage of these incentives and assist them on their financial journey.


Tom dealt with all my business needs through the pandemic - answering any and all questions.  I can't thank him enough.  He is super responsive and always around for a quick chat. Highly recommend.

Jaclyn B